White Listing to your software

Offer your clients a complete suite of digital marketing‚ solutions via safewebtech white label Business Center.

Fix your listings on Software

With the click of a button, guarantee your clients that their online listings will be accurate across all of their key sources.

  • See in detail how and when listings change
  • Provide progress reports that prove the work¢â‚¬â„¢s being done
  • Collect sales from in-product without having to Mob anyone

Thwart threats with intelligent whitelisting

Reduce risks from unauthorised applications and code

Know the reputation of every file and application in your environment and categorise them as good, bad, and unknown with real-time Safewebtech Global Threat Intelligence combined with local intelligence from Safewebtech Threat Intelligence Exchange, an optional module sold separately.

Leverage three whitelisting options

Default Deny allows software execution based on an approved whitelist or authorisation by trusted channels. Detect and Deny allows software execution through signature-less reputation verification, and Verify and Deny allows the execution of applications that are verified by sandbox testing.

Balance protection and performance

Additional detection engines, including signatures, reputation, and real-time emulation, reduce the number of files requiring more resource-intensive malware sandbox analysis.

Secure Your Evolving Data Center

Whitelist is a program to create the fullest knowledge base of trusted and verified software, published around the world.

Software Whitelisting Request

How it works

To cover your software, join the Safewebtech Whitelisting Service. To allow us to analyze your files, please‚ provide us with the files or installation packages of your software.

The Digital Certificate

If‚ you are using a digital certificate to sign your code, we can add your digital signature to our Trusted Database. Validation using digital signature is the most effective way to prevent false positives.

The Safewebtech Whitelist FTP

You can upload all relevant files to the SAfewebtech Whitelist FTP server or make them available for downloading on your site.

Such files will be automatiMoby downloaded, extracted (in case of archived file or installation package), and scanned by the SAfewebtech engine. There is an additional analysis in place to properly identify filetype, calculate checksum, etc. All gathered information about the files are stored in‚ the SAfewebtech Whitelist Database.

The data collected by the procedure above is used in our QA processes to help prevent a false-positive detection of your software.

Submitted applications and installation files are not used in the standard end-user way (e.g., installation).